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Everyone have their believes. Everyone believes in god. Different religion have different god. In Islam ‘ALLAH’ is god. According to Islam, “ALLAH” is the one and only God or Creator and Provider of the universe. It is important that it not says that there is one god but there is one and only one god. Muslims believe that this word tells about God being a single entity and as without any flaw or defect and also without any partner. He is unique in every way. Allah is also a personal name for God. May be you can say Lord or God but saying “ALLAH” is like you are invoking the god with its own personal name. It gives a personal touch between human being and their creator. Muslims believe that “ALLAH” will be merciful to everyone. He equally loves towards every section of humanity, and has no favorites or chosen people, or rejected ones.

There are 99 names of god in Islam but “ALLAH” includes every name in itself. If you want to spread this holly name in the world then we are here sharing some “Allah name Images” with you. You can download and share it with your people on Facebook and Whatsapp. So keep messaging and keep loving the world.

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