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To love and to be loved is the best feelings that can’t be expressed in words. Life without love is like a tree without flowers and fruits. Without love your life is missing the best part. When this extra-ordinary thing called love enters into your heart you feel awesome and discover that your life is changed and transformed into a new life. Love gives you strength and courage to face any situation. Love removes darkness and lightens up your life. We are all born for love. Love is worshiped by everyone in the form of God…..Radha Krishna. So, we cannot ignore the power of Love. Love has no expiry date and has no age limit. You and your love grow beautifully day by day when you have loved her/him as much as she/he has loved you. Those who love each other deeply never grow old; they may die of old age, but their love still alive. You can count age by numbers but love is not limited to numbers as it is always renewing itself. When we are in love we accept our love with all of his/her defects and qualities. Any person is lovable or beautiful not because of his/her quality but because you love him. Valentine’s Day is a special day when you express your affection for something or someone.

Roman Christian who according to tradition was martyred during the persecution of Christians by Emperor Claudius II. Saint Valentine’s Day was primarily celebrated in his honor, but was also inspired by another martyr named Valentine, who was bishop of Terni, a region in central Italy.

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On this special day express yourself by displaying your feelings on Whatsapp Dp. Just for you beautiful, catchy, lovely, latest, romantic, Valentine’s Day Dp for your whatsapp. Choose your DP…..valentines day whatsapp pic #1


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7th February Rose Day Whatsapp DP

We all know Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14 Feb every year. But celebration starts from 7 Feb. 7 Feb is celebrated as Rose day. Whole week is celebrated as Valentine week. A rose spreads lovely messages. Let’s start with white rose- white rose for peace, Red rose for love, pink rose for a close friend, Yellow rose for a new friend. A rose speaks of love silently in a language known only to the heart. A relationship is like a rose, how long it lasts, no one knows. So if you have found that special one special, send rose to him/her because you love and cares for the one you choose.
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8th February Propose Day Whatsapp DP

Now it’s time to celebrate the second day of this valentine week. Propose Day is the second day in the Valentine week starting from February 7-14. Propose day is celebrated on February 8, every year. On this day large numbers of youngsters give roses to propose their girlfriend, boyfriend, relative and friend. Perfect time for anyone who is still single and want someone special in their life. Propose your special one with romantic propose day messages.
Propose Day Whatsapp DP
Propose day

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propose day-- girl propose to boy

9th February Chocolate Day Whatsapp DP

On third day when you get up and find chocolates around you…you are lucky man. True happiness and true love can be delivered to anyone special through chocolates. And on 9 Feb this chocolate means a lot for everyone. Life is like a chocolate box, each chocolate is like a portion of life, some are crunchy, some are nutty, some are soft, but all are delicious…so taste all your chocolates and enjoy. Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate. When chocolate is mixed with your heart it becomes sweeter than ever. Send a very delicious and tempting chocolate for someone you love on this chocolate day.
Chocolate Day

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10th February Teddy Day Whatsapp DP

Teddy bear day is celebrated on the 4th day of the valentine week. Teddies are the cutest way of expressing your love. Many teddies are available for you in different colour and sizes that can express your feelings. Cute teddy, hugging teddy, kissing teddy, couple teddy, etc. Soft, cuddly teddy can easily express your soft feelings for someone you care. Teddy bears do not need hearts, as they are already stuffed with love. Wish your near and dear ones with cute, lovely, soft, cuddle teddy on this teddy day.

Promise Day Whatsapp DP #1


teddy with rose

Happy Teddy Day with I love you

Happy Teddy Bear Day DP

11th February Promise Day Whatsapp DP

On 5th day of the valentine week promise day is celebrated every year. On this special day lovers promise each other of loyalty, love, friendship, togetherness in any situation and promise to marry. It is the day to express love to your partner and to promise him or her to remain with him in all circumstances of life. But friendship needs no promises, no demands and no expectations. The only thing that’s required in friendship is sincerity and trust. A promise means everything but once it is broken sorry means nothing. From the promises of past to the future… Love falls as “un-promised” present. You can’t promise to fix all problems, but promise your loved ones that you will never let him/her feel alone in this world. Express your love with promise….on this promise day
Promise Day Whatsapp DP

Happy Promise Day DP/Images

Happy Promise Day Whatsapp DP

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12th February Kiss Day Whatsapp DP

Kiss day is celebrated on the 6th day of the valentine week. Kissing is a means of getting two people so close together that they can’t see anything wrong with each other. This day is celebrated to encourage the importance of a kiss and to spread the love. Kissing your partner means you are ready to celebrate your full life with him. A kiss is something you cannot give without taking and cannot take without giving. A kiss can beautify souls, hearts and thoughts. Kiss is purely organic and naturally sweet, has no artificial ingredients and is 100% wholesome. Send your pure kiss packed with pure love to your special one…
Kiss Day Whatsapp DP #1

Babies Kissing Happy Kiss Day


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13th February Hug Day Whatsapp DP

7th day of valentine week is hug day. This day is celebrated to encourage everyone to hug family and friends more often. Hug is the loving gift that costs nothing but distribute love to everyone you hug. A hug makes everything better than 1000 words, so sometimes it’s better to put love into hugs than to put it into words. A single hug is beneficial for everyone… how? A hug relieves you from tension, improves blood flow, reduces stress, helps self-esteem, and generates good will. A hug is a handshake from the heart so always close to everyone’s heart. Send the warm hug to your loved ones.
Hug Day Whatsapp DP #1

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14th February Valentine’s Day Whatsapp DP

On 14 Feb every year Valentine’s Day is celebrated. Valentine’s Day also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the feast of Saint Valentine. It is a festival of romantic love when air is filled with love and romance. Many people give cards, letters, flowers or presents to their spouse or partner to make them feel special on this special day. People show feelings of love, affection, and friendship. It is celebrated in many ways worldwide. Now a day many social Medias are available from where you can send your messages to someone easily. Just select your lovely message and send it to your special one whether near or far from you.

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15th February Slap Day Whatsapp DP

After finishing valentine week we enter in celebrating Anti- Valentine’s day. Slap day is celebrated on 15 feb every year. It is better to be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie. SLAP simply means share, learn and progress. On slap day when you really want to slap someone, do it! Just make sure to say ‘mosquito’ when you do. When someone tells you to,’ expect the unexpected’, slap them in the face and ask them if they expected it. So go ahead and celebrate slap day ….

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