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At some time in your life you must involved with someone very romantically. It is the time when you are depend on someone emotionally and when that someone breaks your heart, it feels like something inside you is wrong. Sometimes we get lost in the love so much that we put ourselves back to fit the other person needs. And it makes us vulnerable. You get heart broken when you have high hopes and dream for someone and that someone let you down. The person who makes your life heaven is gone and left you heartbroken with lots of memories.

When someone breaks your heart, think about you can do better yourself for your own sake. Facing the fact of breakup is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do. When someone breaks your heart it feels like something inside you not working properly. But believe me time will pass and after that you will feel proud and strong. You have to start dream once again because dreams is better than realty. But when you feel like this may be you want to be alone. And best way to tell everyone to leave you alone is by sharing heartbroken images. Here we collected some heartbroken images just for you. Go browse and suit for yourselves.

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