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Happy Buddha Purnima Images For Whatsapp DP/Profile Pictures and Wishes

India is a country of different religions and cultures. Buddhism is one of these religions. It is very popular because of its teaching. Buddhism is the religion of believing in the teaching of Gautama Buddha. He was born as a prince but later became a great spiritual teacher and founded Buddhism. Buddha Purnima is a Buddhist festival to celebrate Gautam Buddha’s birthday. It is not celebrate in India only but also in Nepal, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Cambodia and in different part of world too. Although the real date of his birth is unknown however it is believe that he was born on a Full Moon day in Lumbani,Nepal at the house of the King Shuddhodana in the month of Vaishakh (according to Hindu calendar). His birth name was Sidhartha Gautam but later called as Gautama Buddha. It is said that he also achieved enlightenment and nirvana (salvation) on the same day (the Full Moon) thus, Buddha Purnima also mark these too. In Bodh Gaya he obtained the Enlightenment, Sarnath is the place where he first taught and Kushinagar is the place where he took samadhi. Variety of social, cultural and religious events and ceremonies takes place at this day. Buddha Purnima is also celebrating the basic beliefs of Buddhism like Ahinsa (non violence), love others, helping poor, freeness of every living creatures etc

So if you believe in those teachings of Buddha then be prepare yourself for celebration of this festival. You can spread the messages of Gautama Buddha to the world. Here we bring you some Lord Gautama Buddha pictures and messages to share with your friends and family. You can download these pictures from here and can also set as your Dp. So does your little job for spreading love in this world because it really needs the teaching of Buddha right now more than ever.

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