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When we connect animal symbolism then we also connect with nature. We can learn from nature which we can apply in our lives. And butterfly is also not an exception. Butterflies are common throughout the world. We can relate with her life stages with our own life phases. There are so many stories are connected with butterflies. It is said that they are spiritual messenger between you and heaven. If you whisper your wish to them and release it they take your wish to the heaven. Even in Christian tradition they are a symbol of resurrection. Butterfly represents the spirit or soul. They come in many colors as our life has different shades.

Watching butterflies is always a lovely sight. They fly from flower to flower, dance in air. They are graceful and beautiful, they makes my mood always brighter and lighter. So if you are a lover of Mother Nature and love her creations then we collected here some images of this beautiful insect. These pictures give you a peace of mind and calm you. Then don’t wait download butterfly images and share them with your friends. Butterflies come in many colors so we wish that they fill more colors in your life too. Happy messaging.

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