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If you know anything about the history of Indian cultures and religions then you must be familiar with the name of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. He was an Indian saint who is also the founder of Sikhism. In his time he travelled all over the India and teaches people his messages. He spent almost 25 years of his life in preaching. Most of his hymns were composed in this period. You can found answers for your major religious and social problems.

Guru Nanak Ji was born in 1469 in a village nameTalwandi, Nankana sahib, Punjab (currently in Lahore, Pakistan). He got married in 1487 and blessed with two sons. Besides the regional languages he also had knowledge of Persian and Arabic. He started Sikh religion so he became first Guru of Sikhs. There are total 10 Gurus in Sikhism. Their last Guru, Guru Govind Singh, said after him there is only one Supreme Authority will stays and that is GURU GRANTH SAHIB. This holly book is considered as 11th and final Guru. GURU GRANTH SAHIB was started by the collection of 974 poetic hymns (words of Guru Nanak) and composed by other five Gurus after Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Guru Nanak Dev Ji is considered as one of the greatest religious innovators. His Birthday is celebrated as GURU NANAK GURUPURAB. He criticized and rejected virtually all old beliefs and harmful practices at that time in country.

We still need to follow his path and for the people who need to keep these believe in Guru Nanak Ji we collected here some pictures of him. You can spread the holiness by sending Guru Nanak Dev Ji pictures on whatsapp and by sharing on facebook.

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