Top 15+ Indian Wedding Custom Funny Pictures/Photos

Best Indian Wedding Funny Pictures

You can’t hold your laughter when you watch these pictures taken during marriage ceremonies. Any moment can be funny when you add your feelings in it. Marriage day is the special day for everyone. In India there are various religions and in every religion there are different methods of marriage with different costumes and different foods. But when you add some funny moment with this ceremony, this day becomes unforgettable with extra funny effect. This day becomes the funniest day when you share this funny moment, your happiness with the whole world. In our hectic life we hardly get the chance to smile and now it becomes almost impossible to laugh with our friends and family. Why not! we use whatsapp and facebook to share our funny moments. Your one funny picture can save life of any depressed person, can bring smile on the face of a little kid who is alone in his home, can change the mood of an old man who is far from their kids, can bring smile on the face of any patient etc. A special moment with funny situation becomes more special for your whole life even if you try to forget, you can’t. These funny pictures captured with beautiful feelings and not to hurt anyone … are presented below only for you…just to bring smile on your face….

#1) Stop watering me ….i am not so thirsty.

#2) Hmm…yummy food…i want to eat all… whether i will get this chance again or not.

#3) So biggggg Ladoo of marriage….

#4) Oh…i am not interested in your gift.

#5) Eeee… brings good luck for marriage ceremony day.

#6) Pandit g wait…we are coming fast for marriage.

#7) I don’t want to eat banana on my special day.
indian wedding funny pictures1

8) Be aware..while enjoying Haldi ceremony.
indian wedding funny pictures-12

9) Say cheese..cameraman click our photo tooooo.

indian wedding funny pictures_11
10) haaa… she is not so heavy. I can hold him whole life.
11) Aayeeooo….so many people are watching us.

12) Come on baby fast…
Funny Indian wedding fails

13) Yup….so heavy garland.
indian wedding funny pictures14

14) Side effects of marriage…parents be careful.
indian wedding funny pictures15

15) Photo session time…take our photographs


16) Yo…enjoyed this party with everyone.
indian wedding funny pictures-16

17) Couple mismatch due to Govt job effect.

indian wedding funny pictures-17


18) n cute couple. Take it easy man.
indian wedding funny pictures-18
19) Special Wedding With Special Ride