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If you ask me who is most lovable god in India? My answer will be Lord Krishna. He is one of most popular deities in Hindu religion and widely worshiped by Hindus. It is believed that he was 8th reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Krishna is called by many different names. Govinda, Gopal, Madhusudan are some of these names. From his birth to death, in his whole life, he showed many leelas(activities). And his each and every activity gives some lesions of life. It is said that he was a great son, a devoted brother, a romantic lover, a best friend and a good teacher. But in all of them he was a great philosopher who can see beyond the time.

We celebrate his birthday every year as Janmashtami. He was 8th son of princess Devaki and his husband Vasudeva. Lord Krishna was born in a jail of Mathura but raised in Gokul. Lord Krishna showed many miracles in his childhood. He played major role in Mahabharata and gave “BHAGWAT GITA” to the world. In Bhagwat Gita you can find answers of your social and family problems.

Here we are sharing some Lord Krishna wallpaper and images. You can download and share it with your friends. So friends start your day with the blessings of Lord Krishna. May god bless you all happiness.

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Lord Krishna ImagesDownload

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