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Failure of Love: Not a Big Deal

Construction of anything takes a reasonable time. But destruction of the same thing take nothing of time. Love is the same kind of matter. True Love is not a ready-made things which can be purchased from market. It cannot be artificially generated or created. Love in between a pair of boy and girl is natural phenomena which is automatically developed by a long understanding starting from initial to matured stage. In this stage both the boys and girls share their all personal and confidential matters openly. It takes a long time to understand each other’s. Once prefect understanding acquired by each other, it convert in love and attraction. The basic platform of love is faith and trust in each other.

Failure of love is failure of trust and faith. Many times it may be due to unavoidable circumstances too. Pain of failure of love can be explained only by who have passed through it. Broken heart is a very bad condition. He or she lives in very stressful life.

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broken heart

creative art for love failure i am fine

i want to forget  my live is gone

love is the slowest form of suicide

i don't want it anymore


But no matter any one can come out from this situation

It is not a very difficult task. It needs a perfect determination to forget the past history. You have to forget all the past scenes of love. There are some way to become happy even you faced this failure of love.

• First of all forget all the past.
• Busy yourself all time.
• Regular Exercise/Mediation and visit of new place.
• Avoid listening of sad songs / avoid viewing of sad events.
• Make new friends. Do not avoid family functions.
• Visit your most religious places that make you confident.
• Do not recall past events related to your past love.
• Avoid loneliness.
• Life cannot be depended on only one person, who have left you at premature stage, so forget it forever from its base root.

Do not lose your confidence in God. Almighty is one who can heal all types of sad and sorrows. Keep confidence in your God, success of life will automatically come back to you.