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India is the land of many languages and religions yet it is united by humanity. And Jain is one of major religions. The term ‘Jain’ derived from Jina, which means The Conqueror. Jainism gives three- fold path of right conduct, right faith and right knowledge. It does not believe in a single God. It teaches to take complete responsibility of your actions and not to blame other for your sins. It teaches the followers to live a very simple life, in an attempt to clear their debt to mankind and also attain the highest form of salvation and definitely non violence life. They even not harm a fly. Jainism can be divided into two sects – the Shwetamabara Jains and the Digamabara Jains. They strictly follow the teachings of Mahavira.

Mahavira’s full name is Vardhamana Mahavir. He was born as a son of king Sidhartha, the Raja of Kundalpura, and Queen Trishala. He gave up attachment to his parents, friends and relatives. Distributing all his wealth among the poor, he went to the forest and became a monk. Mahavira practised fasts that lasted many days. He meditated on the pure nature of the Soul. Mahavira lived a life of absolute truthfulness, a life of perfect honesty and a life of absolute chastity.

Mahavira Jayanti is the most important Jain festival. It celebrates the birth of Saint Mahavira every year. The importance of the festival owes to the fact that Saint Mahavira was the founder of Jainism as well as established the core principles of the Jainism. He was born on 13th day in the Chaitra month in the Shukla Paksha during the 540 BCE. at the Kundalagrama, Vaishali district, Bihar. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy. It is the most significant and ritual celebration for the people in Jainism.

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