Nag Panchami


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Nag panchami is a traditional Hindu festival in which we all worships snake. In our culture we always try to live with harmony with others creatures of nature. Giving importance to all living being is very important. And NAG PANCHAMI is the best example of this that how much we respect others living things too. According to Hindu calendar it falls on the fifth day lunar month of Shravan (July / august). Nag means snake and panchmi means fifth. We offered milk, rice and prayer to snakes, who have a lot of significant importance in our culture, for protection and wealth of our family.

Worshiping snakes may be feeling strange someone who doesn’t know about Hindu culture. But they have significant role in our mythology. A snake adorns the neck of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu sleep on Shesh Nag the five headed snake. The exact origin of the Nag Panchami is uncertain but it is believed that this festival has very ancient history. As we all know that this festival is just about to come. So why not we wish it to everyone and for this we collected some NAG PANCHAMI images for you. You can share it with others too. So don’t wait just download them and send them to your friends.


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Happy Nag Panchami Image

Nag Panchami Picture

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