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Osho also known as Acharya Rajneesh was a spiritual guru and teacher. He was also the leader of Rajneesh movement. May be he was very controversial mystic in his time but Osho gave us amazing material of meditation and spiritual living way too. Thousands of people still follow his ways in whole world.

His thoughts are not written in book but it transcribed in form of audio and video recording. He gave answers to his thousands of seekers in his recorded discourses. It includes all the social and political issues which are facing by current world. These discourses are 90 minutes to 2 hours long some of them which are recent ones might last for several hours. These discourses consist more than 5500 in English which are 4800 hours long and in Hindi which are 4000 hours long.

Osho was known for his revolutionary contribution. His unique OSHO active meditation was especially designed for releasing of stress from body and mind. So if you want to explore the Osho vision here we offered a wide range of selected thoughts of his for you. It helps you to understand yourselves and the world around us by unique Osho perspective. You can also share OSHO Quotes with your friends by sending these to them.

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