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Valentine’s week starts from 7 Feb. to 14 Feb. It is not just a week it is a season of love in which you can express all your feelings and affection to someone who is special to you. During this season you are free to explore the world of love and joy. Love is a sacred expression which is meant to be adored.

You are having a crush but didn’t tell to your person yet. Do you know that Love is a sacred expression which is meant to be adored? Therefore don’t be afraid of proposing the special one. And this day is just for you. But it is not that easy as it sound.

In Valentine’s week, Propose day is celebrated on February 8, every year. Propose day is really a special day for the lovers or soon to be one. If you like someone you must let them know what you actually feel about them. They are not going to know about your feeling by themselves and for that you have to do something special for them. . There are some possibilities that the person feels same way for you too. And for this occasion, Propose day is the best way to give her or him your decision to choose. So, this is the day when you should show bravery and propose your love one, may be you get lucky and get replied in your favor.

On this day large number of youngsters gives roses to propose their girlfriend, boyfriend, relative and friend. Some have this courage and some have not. And for them who want some motivation and need some help, we collect propose day messages and pictures which can express your feeling for you. You can get the quotes which will show your love. So don’t feel shy show some bravery and tell your lover about your feelings.

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