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Fruits Puzzle

Brain teasers; when we hear these words we think about riddles and mind puzzles. But actually it is an exercise for our brain. It tests our intelligence and knowledge. This type of game helps us to increase our IQ. For thousands of years people have played with numbers and numbers riddles. Various tricks and puzzles involving digits have always made us curious and enhanced our process of thinking.

Today, you may get this kind of puzzle for solving on whatsapp and facebook. And I bet that you also tried to solve them. Some time it is easy and some time it is hard. But they are fun and worth for your time.

Here are some puzzles we collected for to challenge you and your presence of mind. So, do scroll down till the end, I am sure you will like these puzzles and you will try to find the solutions. These are the puzzles which surely entertain you but also raise your ability of logical thinking. Here we will discuss some puzzles involving numbers, letters and visuals. There are puzzles in which letters represent digits you have to find their values. It is very much to similar to cracking a code. So enjoy them and share it with your friends.

Best Puzzle Images Collection 2017


Burger Coke & Beer Puzzle Image

Fast Food Puzzle

Tulip, Sunflower Puzzle Image

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Apple, Banana & Grapes Puzzle

Fruits IQ Test Puzzle

Balls Collection Puzzle

How many balls

Green Apple, Orange & Guava Mind Game

  Fruits Puzzle Picture

Numbers Mind Game

Mind game imageNumbers Mind Game Image

Number game in box

Red Balls Collection Puzzle

balls game

Balls, Clock and Fans Brain Test Image

brain test image

Burger, Cock & Chips Puzzle

food puzzle image

How may Holes Puzzle Image

hole game

KG Related Puzzle

animal puzzle imageBee & Ant Puzzle Picture

insect puzzle


Yellow and Red Apple Puzzle Photo

colourfull fruits puzzle imagesKG Puzzle Mind Game Image

KG Puzzle pictureRabbit, Duck Puzzle

Mind game

Joker, Santa Puzzle Photo

mind game images

Ghost, Girl and Sun Puzzle Photo

Puzzle image for you

Tiger, Peacock Monkey Puzzlepuzzle test

Pig, Tiger and Giraffe Puzzle Image

Puzzle Image

Tap Filling Water Puzzle

Tap water

IQ Test

Test You IQ