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Lord Krishna was 8th reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. He was born in a prison of Mathura but raised in Gokul. In Gokul he had many friends and admirers. In his childhood; Sri Radha was his companion. Lord Krishna never married his childhood lover Radha Rani but he never be parted from her too.

‘Radha- Krishna’ are the names which cannot be taken without the other. These are spoken as if they are one. It is said that Lord Krishna is incomplete without Radha. It is Radha who make him complete. May be he was married to Rukmini but it was Radha rani who world knows best with Lord Krishna. It was a different kind of love which they shared. It was more spiritual than physical. They immortalized their story and gave a new definition to the word of true love.

Sri Radha and Sri Krishna together are supreme Godhead. Maybe they were two bodies but yet they share one soul, one world and one life. . They are one but they have manifested themselves eternally as two for performing a perfect symbol of love. In this relationship Krishna is a God and Radha is a feeling which connects with love. It shows our affection to our creator.

So if you are looking for Radha Krishna images we here gathered some Radha Krishna images for you. So pay respect to their love and their messages share these images with your friend and spread the message of love and devotion.

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(Painting by artist Rakhi Baid)

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