Rain SMS

In our childhood memory we all have read one poem that is ‘Rain Rain Go Away, Come Again Another Day’. Now time has changed we all are grown up now so our concept is also changed for rain. Now we really want rain in our life in rainy season. During rainy season we feel romance in the whole atmosphere. The rain may be falling hard outside but our smile makes it alright. Catch rain drops this rainy season and send these drops to your friends also, through Rain SMS

Beautiful Rain Messages Collection In English

It Is Nice
When Someone Holds
Umbrella For You In The
Rain …
It Is The Most Wonderful
If Someone Holds Your Hand
And Runs Crazily With You
In The Rain
Jab Mausam Rang Badalta Hai, Jab Badal Khoob Barasta Hai, Jab Hawa Se Khushbu Aati Hai, Jab Chandni Bhi Sharmati Hai, Tab Yaad Tumhari Aati Hai.. !!