Rajinikanth SMS

Nothing is impossible in this world even the word impossible says I am possible. This proverb is best suitable for – Rajinikanth- the Superstar. Rajnikanth makes impossible thing possible on screen and also in jokes. And that is why his popularity grows day by day. His jokes are also famous as Rajini jokes. Rajinikanth jokes are the most popular and forwarded SMS jokes in India. Funny, impossible, laughing rajini jokes are collected to entertain you….
Rajinikanth SMS
Rajnikant Ne Vidya Balan Ko Cycle Pe Aage Bithaya
Vidya-Rajni Mujhe Dekh Ke Apka Khada Nhi Hota?
Rajnknt-pagli Ye Ladies Cycle Hai.
Pata Hai Tu Kis Pe Baiti Hai??? 😛
“Maa Kasam Sach Bol Rha Hu,
Rajnikant BOMB Se Agarbatti Jalata Hai.”
Toba Toba
What does Rajinikanth eat?
Whatever his wife cooks.
Even he doesn’t have a choice here.
rajnikanth’s truth’s :
Once a media guy asked Rajini:
“Don’t you get angry after
Seeing these ridiculous jokes on you?”
Rajini replied:
“Do you think they are jokes?”
When Rajnikanth looks in mirror, mirror broke. Why..?
Because mirror is not stupid enough to come in between Rajnikanth and Rajnikanth..
In olden times a boy went to Nepal and
made mountains of snow.
Today the boy is called Rajnikanth and
the mountains are known as the Himalayas.