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A Relationship between brother and sister is very precious. A brother and sister are can be good friends. They can understand each other very well than any other relatives. They have respect for each other and still they do things to irritate each other too. I also have one sibling and trust me, we always have small quarrels but still I do love him very much.

In India, we celebrate this beautiful relationship and enjoy every seconds of this relation. And to celebrate it we have a festival name “Raksha Bandhan”. It is a Hindu festival and mostly celebrated in northern part of India. Raksha Bandhan falls on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Shravana. Raksha Bandhan is a festival in which we celebrate the bond of affection between brothers and sisters. It is a day when siblings pray for each others’ well being and wish for each others’ happiness and goodwill.

During this festival, sisters tie a thread, called Rakhi, around their brother wrist to show that they will continue loving their brothers and pray for their well being and in return brothers promise to take care of their sisters from all evil and problems. The brothers and sisters don’t have to be biologically related to honor the relationship.

There is an epic story about the starting of this festival. It is said in ‘Mahabharat’ that one day when lord Krishna was flying a kite, he snip his finger with thread, at that time Draupadi tore her sari a bit and tied around his finger. In return, Lord Krishna promised that he will protect her from evil. This frail of thread of Rakhi is considered as stronger than iron chains as it binds the most beautiful relationship in an inseparable bond of love and trust.

Today I am going to increase the happiness of your by sharing the images for Raksha Bandhan. You can download and Copy these images and share it with your brothers and sisters on Facebook and whatsapp. You can collect them and send to your brother and sister and show your love to them. So what are you waiting for go brows and choose. Happy Raksha Bandhan.

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