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Although all flowers are used to express many feelings and emotions but rose hold a special place among all those. Roses come in many colors and each color shows a specific sentiment. Ever wondered about rose flower meanings before you gift roses to your beloved? Red roses ‘of course’ traditionally show love and its passion. It shows that two persons give their heart to each other. Nothing beats red roses in saying “I Love You” on Valentine’s Day.

A single rose stands for thank you. Yellow rose is for friendship and given to each other to make friends. White roses indicate purity and peace so it can stand for sorry. So if you are not in good place with someone, a white rose is just for you to say sorry. Dark pink roses are the indication of pleasure and appreciation and given to the loved ones to appreciate them. Purple roses are the indication of first sight love so just give it to someone who you attracted in first sight.

Rose day is first day of the Valentine’s week which is celebrated every year on 7th of February by the youths. Offering a red rose on this day is the way to express the deep and heart feeling to the loved ones in very simple ways which cannot be expressed by words. Lovers celebrate this event by greeting each other with the beautiful and crimson roses.

We celebrate it with our special one, our friends and relatives. They prepare themselves a week ago to enjoy this day because it is also the starting of the Valentine’s Day. The whole environment becomes full of sweet fragrance and freshness of the colored roses.

So if you are in search of those colorful roses then you are on right place. We have collection of pictures of beautiful roses of all colors. Choose according to your need and send them to your beloved person your friends and relatives. And make them feel special for you.

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