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What makes human different from other species on the Earth. I think it is our capability to feel most of emotions which cannot be feeling by any other living things. There are so many emotions in human being like happiness, anger, hate, love, sad and many others. But I think sadness is a very strong feeling in all of them because it makes us so low. We have tendency to avoid sadness at any cost. But it is not possible. So, why is it that we are so afraid to feel sad? I don’t think it is right.

Everyone experience sadness at some point of their lives. Sadness is a natural and necessary part of life. It is usually connected with certain experience of pain or loss. It gives the value and meaning to our lives. What is the meaning of happiness if you never felt sadness in your life? Sadness gives more value to happiness. Sadness is a live emotion that can serve as a reminder us of what matters to us most. Someone said that mild sadness seems to function as an alarm which indicate the current situation is new, unfamiliar and challenging. Sad people have more accurate eye for details.

So when you sad make it known by everyone. Because it is not that bad. It is some kind of blessing of god to feel life in a totally different way. Show your emotion to the world by setting sad pictures, which you can relate, on social media. We have gathered some beautiful sad pictures and images with quotes for sharing. They are all very beautiful, meaningful and can relate with your emotion. Then don’t wait, browse and choose whatever you want and set them as your mood.

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i hide my ain with a smileDownload

i want sleep untilDownload

i'm slowly give upDownload

isn't it sad when you getDownload

its hard to forgetDownload

my silence is just anotherDownload

pain is the only thingDownload

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