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Depression, tension, relations, break ups, works pressure, there are so many countless reasons that exists in our daily life which makes us sad. It is not like, that sad emotion is a very bad emotion but yes it makes us very moody. If you have patience then these reasons shall go away and you will be happy again and may be yours pain will be helpful for you to search a meaning of your life too. Who knows in coming future your pain turns into your strength to face life. May be you become stronger because tough time makes us strong too. But you have to share your emotions with yours friend because it help to pass the phase and bear the pain. Sadness is something which can breaks anyone spirit. But also I think, according to my personal experience, that sadness makes happy moments even better. And everyone goes through this phase of life at some time of their life.

Eventually we want to be alone and not talking to anyone in those moments but also at the same time we want someone to share our feeling and to cheer up. So despite of everything we also want to share our feeling by everyone. And due to popularity of social media and internet whatsapp is a very useful tool for telling your story to your friends. And Whatsapp DP is good way to show your feeling because it expresses more in fewer efforts. So there is a collection of awesome pictures and quotation of sad images which can express you very well. Choose according to your need and let the world know how you feel and need their help. It helps you in many ways and may be the person, who is the cause of your pain, will also realize it and try to make you happy. Who knows where your luck stands.

Sad Images For Whatsapp DP/Profile Pictures/Wallpapers

missing someoneDownload

broekn heart in eyeDownload

burning emotion Download

miss you each day every dayDownload

i am fineDownload

sad girl imageDownload

sometimes its better to be alone Download

i miss you will all my heartDownload

sad imageDownload


its hurting againDownload

girl tears imageDownload

out of orderDownload

help meDownload

its hard to forget someone who gave youDownload

baby girl front of mirrorDownload

sad images #25Download

and i'm sad againDownload

i just want ti sleep and never woke upDownload

people cry,not because they're weakDownload


she's broken because sheDownload


why would they care about youDownload

please tell meDownload

i don't know Download

tears pictureDownload

I just Miss YouDownload

I'am not as strong as everyone thinks I amDownload

I miss your faceDownload

If this is how my life is going to be, I don't want it anymoreDownload

Sad Images/DP For Whatsapp #5Download

Loyal girl are the best but its sad that they gey hurt the mostDownload

You Learn to love the you painDownload

Sometimes when i say i a okay i need someone to look me in the eyes hug me tight and say i know yo are notDownload

is not its sad when you get hurt so much you can finally say i am used to itDownload

My feelings oh don't worry about those no one else does.Download

I need someone to hug me and tell me i am not as wrothless as i think i amDownload


sick of crying tired of trying, yes i am smiling but inside i m dying



she was tired. Physically and mentally. she wanted to close her eyes and never open them again.Download

The girl who laughs and talks a lot and seems very happy, is also the girl who may cary helself to sleepDownload

why is everything i do wrongDownload

Everyone is better prettier skinnier funnier than meDownload

 i am slowly giving upDownload

I always act like i am fine and everyone thinks i am okay, but when the lights are off and i am alone tha's when my tears start to fall. Download

It hurts, but its's ok.. i'm used to it.Download

I don't need a reason to kill myself i need a reason not toDownload


Sad DP For WhatsappDownload

sed imageDownload

sed picDownload

I hate those days where you don't know why, but you just feel sadDownload

sad girl painting for dp Download

I'll just pretend i'm okayDownload

if it stopped would you miss meDownload

you shouldn't have to guess whether or not someone cares about youDownload

sed picDownload

sad dp for whatsapp #1Download

i'm not okay, I 'm just good at pretending i am.Download

I love you, and it's killing meDownload

Why can't you just be happyDownload

I can't afford to lose somebody close to me again it hurts too much


sad quote dp for whatsapp #1Download

sad quote dp for whatsapp #3Download

sad quote dp for whatsapp #4Download

sad quote dp for whatsappDownload

Sad Quote DP For Whatsapp #5


sad girl whatsapp dp Download

sad girl whatsapp dp #1Download

sad girl whatsapp dp #2Download

sed imageDownload

sed image #1Download

sad girl whatsapp dp # 5Download

sad boy whatsapp dp #1Download

sad boy whatsapp dp #2Download

sad boy whatsapp dp Download

sad boy whatsapp dp #4Download

sad boy whatsapp dp #5Download

sad boy whatsapp dp #3Download