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Sant Kabirdas (1440-1518 circa) was a famous poet, saint and social reformer of India. His writings have greatly influenced the Bhakti movement. Kabir Panth which is a religious community recognizes him as its founder and its members are known as Kabir Panthis, the followers of Saint Kabirdas. Saint Kabir was born in Hindu family in year 1440 at Lahartara and upbringing was done by a Julaha couple Niru and Neema. In later days Kabir came in contact with Guru Ramanand and thus he was follower of Guru Ramamnad. The name of Kabir wife was Loyi. Saint Kabir wanted to unite both Hindus and Muslims by his Shakhi, Shabad, Raimini, Ulatbasiya collections. He criticized all the conservative type people including Hindu and Muslim’s for their orthodoxy activities.

He aim was to live the people with true affections without any jealousy and without difference of caste, community, poor or rich. He always taught people to do Satkarma [सत्कर्म] to achieve true peace in life.

This year Kabir Jayanti will be fall on 9th June 2017. Devotees of Saint Kabir called Kabir-Panthi, means follower of Saint Kabir. He got Emancipation [मोक्ष] in year 1518 in village Magahar.

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