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According to Hindu mythology there is a Holy Trinity manages the world. In this Holy Trinity one is Lord Brahma second is Lord Vishnu and third is Lord Shiva. Everyone’s work is defined. Lord Brhma’s responsibility is creation of the world; so he is the Creator. Lord Vishnu’s responsibility is proper working of the world; so he is the Protector. Lord Shiva has a responsibility to destruct the world if there is increase in evil power; so he is the Destroyer. But in all of them Lord Shiva is much more powerful.

Though Lord Shiva is known as a ferocious god, he also has totally another side too which is very soft and lovely. Lord Shiva is not just any ordinary God. He is a very complex god who has to play many roles and possesses immense power. Lord Shiva is the beginning of everything as well as he is also the end of everything. As we all know that cycle of destruction and recreation is always in a circle. Life cycle is maintained By Lord Shiva.

His appearance is very unique as he has three eyes instead of two (third eye) which only open at the time of destruction, he has always rubbed ash all over his body and he is also known for his anger. But still he is very easy to please and very merciful. He is the God of everyone’s. No matter who worships him, he will give his blessing to them. That’s why he is also known as ‘BholeNath’. He blesses his followers with grace, knowledge, power and peace.

Most of time he is stays in deep meditation. Ultimately we can say that he has total command of the cosmos. We all should pray him he is very merciful and become happy very soon. He will grant his blessing to us. So if you want to show your devotion towards Lord Shiva then we have a collection of lord Shiva pictures and images. You can set them as your profile picture. You can also share it with your friends and family. So don’t wait use these pictures and feel near to Lord Shiva.

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shiva picturesDownload

shiva picturesDownload