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If you proposed someone during valentine’s week and you didn’t have the reply then doesn’t be so careless about it. You must be hide on 15 Feb. Because may be you get your reply in the form of slap by her or him at this day.

But seriously apart of joke I think slap day is not stand for violent and slap actually but it refers to that you slap all the relationship with that person who broke your heart, you slap the feelings and emotions which are attached with that person who hurts you every day, you slap all the negativity and failure of yours.

Starts from February 15! After celebrating the day of Saint Valentine, it is now time to celebrate everything anti-valentine. The week which began with Slap Day goes on to celebrate Kick Day, Perfume Day, Confession Day, Missing Day and Break-up Day. This week is for all those heartbroken people who are depressed and sad through the cheerful week of celebrating love and togetherness. The celebrations begin with Slap Day on 15th February followed by Kick Day on 16th February, Perfume day on 17th February, Flirting Day on 18th February, Confession Day on 19th February, Missing Day on 120th February and finally Break-up day on 21st February.

If you are searching anything about 7 Days after Valentines Week then stay here and check. Here are collections of some 15th Feb Slap Day SMS, Scraps, Greetings, Wishes, Images & Wallpapers which you can send to that person who hurts you and always try to give you pain in life. So slap all those negative relations and thoughts and live again.

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