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No one can see emotion. It is a thing to feel. Sometime it is not easy to express your emotions especially in the world of texting. In today’s world people are very active on social media like facebook and Whatsapp. We are already limited in communication behind a screen; but it is always nice to see a smiley face in our message box. If I ask you how often do you text, whatsapp, chat with your friends. Surely, the answer must be very often. And this pictorial representation of facial expressions has played a significant role in communication. They bring some spice and additional meaning to your conversations. It makes you more expressive. Smiley needs a bit less explanation. Their cute faces make everyone’s mood light.

They make you more popular on social media. We react to them like they are real human face. They soften the atmosphere and lighten the mood. They make you more friendly and cool. And also they correlate with real life happiness. That’s why we need more emoticons in our lives. And for this we gathered here some really cool and cute smiley’s pictures. You will find some cute whatsapp smiley here. Dive into this colorful world; I am sure it will shine your personality and you don’t appear as a robot.

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