Sorry SMS

i am sorry

I am ashamed on my talk
Because I realize my mistake my love
I apology my dear I am really sorry
Please forgive me

Baby, I’m sorry.
please forgive me for
all the wrong I’ve done.
Please come back home girl.
I know you can no longer trust in me,
I’m sorry to let you down..!!

know I’ve hurt u…
I didn’t mean to.
I m soooo sorry…
Plz forgive me!

Sorry is a gud weapons for some people..
Jaan bujh kar galtiaan karo,
N after that just say sorry..
But actually people don’t
Know the deep meaning of sorry.!!

I M Sorry Of Being So Emotional
I M Sorry Of Being So Possessive
I M Sorry That I Cry For You
I M Sorry Because I Cant Live Without You

We smile at whom we like,
We cry for whom we care,
We laugh with whom we enjoy,
We become angry with whom
we feel is our own.