The Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps. These include apps such as Tiktok, UC Browser, Helo and ShareIt. In such a situation, what are the options left for the users using these apps? What will happen to their data? Do other apps exist as an alternative to Chinese apps? If so what are those apps? These are some of the questions that are going on in everyone's mind.
Alternative to Chinese app banned in India full list
Alternative to Chinese app banned in India Full List

Out of the 59 apps the government has banned, 18 are in the utility category. 8 apps are video sharing. There are 6 social media apps.

Should stop using itself

Options for all these 59 apps are available on the Google Play Store and iOS platforms. But first you as a responsible citizen should stop using them on your own, because now these apps have become illegal.

TikTokSocial MediaInstagram IGTV, YouTube, Snapchat
ShareitFile transferGoogle Files Go
KwaiSocial MediaInstagram IGTV, YouTube, Snapchat
UC BrowserBrowserGoogle Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
Baidu mapMapsGoogle Maps, HERE Maps
SheinShoppingMyntra, Flipkart, Snapdeal
Clash of KingsGamesLudo King
DU battery saverUtilityUseless App not need to install 
HeloSocial MediaInstagram IGTV, YouTube, Snapchat
LikeeSocial MediaInstagram IGTV, YouTube, Snapchat
YouCam makeupUtilitySnapchat, G Cam, Open Camera
Mi CommunityUtilityReddit
CM BrowersInternet browserGoogle Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
Virus CleanerUtilityUseless App not need to install 
APUS BrowserInternet browserGoogle Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
ROMWEShoppingMyntra, Flipkart, Snapdeal
Club FactoryShoppingMyntra, Flipkart, Snapdeal
Beutry PlusUtilitySnapchat, G Cam, Open Camera
WeChatInstant messagingWhatsApp, Telegram, Hike
UC NewsNewsInShorts
QQ MailEmail ClientOutlook
WeiboSocial mediaReddit, Twitter
XenderFile transferGoogle Files Go
QQ MusicAudioVLC, MX Player
QQ NewsfeedNewsFlipboard, InShorts, Google News
Bigo LiveVideo sharingInstagram IGTV, YouTube, Snapchat
SelfieCityUtilitySnapchat, Google Camera, Open Camera
Mail MasterEmail ClientOutlook
Parallel SpaceUtilityDual Apps, Multiple App Cloner
Mi Video Call – XiaomiCommunicationGoogle Duo
WeSyncUtilityGoogle Files Go
ES File ExplorerUtilityGoogle Files Go
Viva Video – QU Video IncVideo sharingInstagram IGTV, YouTube, Snapchat
MeituCameraSnapchat, G Cam, Open Camera
Vigo VideoVideo sharingSnapchat, G Cam, Open Camera
New Video StatusVideo sharingSnapchat, G Cam, Open Camera
DU RecorderUtilityAZ Screen Recorder
Vault- HideFile managerGoogle Files Go
Cache Cleaner DU App studioUtilityUseless App not need to install 
DU CleanerUtilityUseless App not need to install
DU BrowserBrowserGoogle Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
Hago Play With New FriendsGamesLudo King
Cam ScannerUtilityMicrosoft Offile Lens, Adobe Scan
Clean Master – Cheetah MobileUtilityMobiClean - Mobile Cleaner & Battery Saver
Wonder CameraCameraSnapchat, G Cam, Open Camera
Photo WonderCameraSnapchat, G Cam, Open Camera
QQ PlayerMedia playerVLC, MX Player
We MeetSocialTinder
Sweet SelfieCameraSnapchat, G Cam, Open Camera
Baidu TranslateUtilityGoogle Translate, Microsoft Translate
VmateVideo sharingInstagram IGTV, YouTube, Snapchat
QQ InternationalInstant messagingWhatsApp, Telegram, Hike
QQ Security CenterUtilityUseless App not need to install
QQ LauncherUtilityMicrosoft Launcher
U VideoVideo sharingInstagram IGTV, YouTube, Snapchat
V fly Status VideoVideo sharingInstagram IGTV, YouTube, Snapchat
Mobile LegendsGamesLudo King
DU PrivacyUtilityUseless App not need to install

Alternative to Chinese app banned in India 2020

How will the government order apply?

According to Dadhich, the government will instruct Google to remove these apps from the Play Store and Apple from their iOS platforms. After this, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) will order not to access the data of these apps and the telecom companies will not provide these networks. Then these apps will stop working.

Will those who already have mobile apps be able to use them?

off course not. They are completely banned. It does not matter whether you have downloaded before or downloaded now. Now no citizen will be able to use these apps in India.

How will the access to the application stop?

  • Companies that provide Internet networks to users. Such as Airtel, Jio, BSNL etc. They give users an internet network in two ways. Through a mobile network. Secondly through broadband connection.
  • Internet service providers (ISPs) do the work of handing over the networks of these companies to the users. Through these, the data of the whole world comes. That is, whatever data will come to India from any country of the world, it will come only through ISP. Similarly, the data that goes abroad from India will also go through ISP.
  • Internet companies just have to apply a filter to ban any website or app following the government's instruction. After that, users are not able to access any data on it.

What kind of privacy were Chinese apps breaking?

  • China apps were insecure. Because when you install an app, you are approved that it can access your photos, videos, messages, files, data. What he does with your data after that depends on the company.
  • Some institutions ask for permission that they can use your data, some institutions do not take permission to use it. But many companies steal data even without permission.

 What will happen to people's personal data?

Users using Chinese apps should download their important data and documents on their mobiles soon. Because now it will be completely closed in one to two days. There is no chance. Servers of all app companies are in China. If technically these companies do not delete people's data, then their data will not be deleted. But despite this, users will not be able to access their data. That is, they will not be able to see their videos, photos, files etc.

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