Do you want to transfer all the money of Amazon Pay balance to your bank, but you do not know how to do, then read this blog in full because in this you will get full information that How to transfer money of Amazon Pay wallet to bank account?

Transfer Amazon pay balance to Bank Account

Step 1

How to know the balance of amazon pay wallet

  • Go to the Amazon app and go to the menu
  • Click on amazon pay now
  • Then you will see your Amazon Pay balance
Step 2

What is MPL App?

 Mobile Premier League (MPL) is an online gaming platform that offers a plethora of games - Fantasy Sports, Rogue Heist, Rummy, Poker, Chess, Quiz, Fruit Chop, 8 ball 3D Pool, Carrom, and more! Play exciting mobile games anytime, anywhere, and win real cash.

Step 3

Now create an account in the MPL App.

You can signup via phone number (and OTP verification) on MPL.

Step 4

How to deposit cash in Mpl app?

Note- Please keep in mind that in this step money will be deducted from your Amazon Pay balance in the mpl app and this money cannot be transferred to a bank account without playing a game, so it will be your responsibility to loss any kind of money.
  • Now you have to click on add cash.
  • In this, write down the balance you have to withdraw from your amazon pay
  • Now you have to pay from amazon pay so that that money will come in your mpl app.
Step 5

How to earn money by playing games in MPL App?

  • Now you have to play the game with the deposited money.
  • When you win the game, then the money will come in winning Cash 
  • Then you can withdraw them in your bank account.

How to withdraw money without playing a game in MPL App?

If you do not know how to play games in mpl or your money has been deposited by mistake then this trick will help you.

You will not have to play games with anyone in it.

To do this trick you need two smartphones.

Now first of all you have to download the mpl app on other smartphones and create an account in it, if you want, you can also download it from refer link, you also get some bonus balance.

Then you have to click on any one game from the previous smartphone and click on the host tournament in it.

Now in this you have to select tournament entry fee, you can select the tournament duration according to yourself and in the player I have selected 2, you can increase it if you want.

Now you have to pay from the balance deposited in the mpl app, in this you will have a unique one from which the players will join.
Now, share the Alco in another smartphone and join the tournament or go to enter tournament code and put that code in another smartphone. The tournament will start and you have to take turns playing the game in both the apps. Now you win the money in any smartphone

Note- Keep in mind that 10% of your money is deducted on entry in the tournament. After the tournament is canceled, the entire money is returned.

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