Google hopes to begin a rollout of its Android 12 developer preview next month. The codebase for Android 12 has served publicly so far, however, while digging through the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), XDA developers found a few commits that provide clues to the features that we'll see in the next release Will see

Android 12 latest news updates

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Reportedly, some commits have been merged into AOSP describing the new restricted networking mode feature. The all-new Restricted Networking Mode feature is a new firewall series, with a group of rules that the Linux iptables utility follows to allow or block network traffic.

Basically, when the new feature is activated from within the settings, applications with access to the correct permissions will be allowed to use the network. Note, permission can only be granted to system applications or applications signed by OEMs.

After the feature rolls out, no user will be able to send or receive data in the background to the installed application. All data will be routed through privileged Google Play services or apps that hold the necessary permissions.

XDA Developers stated that it is not yet known where the toggle will be placed inside Android 12 for restricted networking mode. However, it states that the mode can be toggled at runtime and queried via a program command via a shell command.

It is not known whether Google will allow users to create their own list of apps with restricted networking access. However, allowing users to do so would give them more granular control of their device. And this is what is expected from open-source software such as Android.

To recall, Google expects Android 12 to be launched in September, given the fact that its previous two predecessors were launched during that month. Earlier Google followed the August release schedule

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