Have you seen how the game play of FAU-G, I will show you how the gameplay of FAU-G is.

FAU-G game home screenshot

FAU-G game home screen where you will get the option to buy merchandise of the game

FAU-G Control 

FAU-G gameplay fight screenshot

Now the game will start and you will get the character of Indian Army jawan. The option to move to the left of the screen and the weapon in yellow next to it, while to the right you will get the option to kill (eg punch). At the same time, the green bar on the top left shows your energy and the level on the right is information.
FAU-G Player Health Increase

FAU-G gameplay Health increase screenshot

A fire will appear, where you can sit and replenish your energy. Once the energy is full, you will get information about recovery.

FAUG weapon 

FAU-G gameplay weapon screenshot

You can use your weapons during battle. For this, you have to tap on the weapon option.

FAU-G gameplay TDM  Team Deathmatch screenshot

FAU-G Review

FAUG is a good game right now, it is an early access release when it is released for the public then we will know how it performs. The game currently has bugs and glitch which makes it difficult to play the game.

FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards

FAU-G Early access release.


Size- 588Mb

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