So how are you guys, in this blog, you will know how to make an app like Signal Messenger, so for this, stay with the blog, I will show you a dam right way so that you will understand easily. How to create an app like Signal Messenger.
Signal Messenger Clone

How to create an app like Signal Messenger

What is Signal messenger?

Must have heard the name of your WhatsApp 😄😄

The Signal app is a cross-platform app with which you can send private messages. Like you use WhatsApp. There is no doubt that not all apps put your data on the app server. Signal Messenger is safe to use.

Signal private messenger Available on

  1. Signal Private Messenger for Android
  2. Signal Private Messenger for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  3. Signal Private Messenger for iOS.

Signal Private Messenger Source Code

How to create a messaging app android. The source code of the signal is available on GitHub using which you can create your own messenger app.

After going to the link given below, you will get Signal Android source code, Signal Windows, Signal Mac, Signal Linux, Signal ios and Signal server.

Source Code

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