If you are here to know about Mumbai's gullies, then finish this article because today I am reviewing the trailer of Mumbai Gullies trailer.

About Mumbai Gullies
Mumbai Gullies Trailer Review

Mumbai Gullies is an Indian open-world action game based on the city of Mumbai. Many of Mumbai's popular monuments are also added to Mumbai's gullies. As stated by the developers, the 3 languages ​​in Mumbai Gullies will be English, Hindi and Marathi.

He has also said that motion capture technology will also be used to enhance graphics.

Mumbai Gullies game is developed by a company called GameEon which is a mobile game development company and their mobile game portfolio has 100 million downloads.

And all the profits from those mobile games are used in the development of Mumbai Gullies.

Some of his popular mobile games were Flappy Bird, Indian Train Simulator etc.

The CEO of GameEon Studios is Nikil Malankar who is the developer, programmer, Vlooger and Youtuber. He has made his game since 2011.

You can also check his Youtube channel for more updates on Mumbai Gullies.

Mumbai Gullies Trailer 

The Mumbai Gullies trailer has been released in two languages ​​English and Hindi. It has been released on the official channel of GameEon. You can go there and watch it otherwise I have embedded the video above.

Mumbai Gullies trailer review

As you can see in the trailer the graphics look great, but they still need some improvements like the character faces are not so realistic and some physics improvements too but still the first open-world game made in India is our Exceeds expectations.

As their developers said the graphics teaser are better than the trailer as they are using unrealistic engine and they have improved many things which is not shown in Mumbai Gullies trailer.

Popular moments in Mumbai Gullies

Their developers have said that the game will include all the moments which are very famous like the Mukesh Ambani House in Mumbai, Gateway of India and their own studios.

Budget of Mumbai gullies

Nikil Malankar has republished the budget for the Mumbai Gullies trailer, which is around $ 15 million and has stated that he will also soon start a crowdfunding campaign if he runs out of expenses.

I hope you will definitely donate something if they start a crowdfunding campaign.


So this was a review of a small Mumbai Gullies trailer that was launched on Teaser Gaming channel.

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