Now after a long wait, the Mumbai Gullies trailer has finally launched, the game has been made by an Indian game developer who has been in the field of Game Development for many years. Nikhil Malankar is the CEO of GameEon company.

Nikhil Malankar announced the Indian GTA Vice City game in India. The Mumbai Gullies game is an open-world game.
Not a copy of Indian Gullies but inspired. Excited for the Indian GTA Vice City game, Nikhil Malankar made his debut in Mumbai.

Nikhil Malankar company GameEon India announced the Mumbai Gullies poster.
Mumbai Gullies Indian 3D Game Release Date Not Confirmed: - coming soon

Watch Mumbai Gullies Trailer Open World Game By GameEon 

launched the trailer of Mumbai Gullies Game

When he launched the trailer of Mumbai Gullies Game, he wrote through his video

Mumbai Gullies is indeed the sport for which we have collectively dreamed.

This is a dream started by our CEO Nikhil Malankar. It has been since he started his career with his friend.

A game inspired by the amazing contrast of Mumbai city life. A city where the landscape changes every few meters. At one glance you can see the skyscrapers and at another glance, you can see the high slums.

A city where life is more than meets the eye.

Mumbai owes a lot to the city of dreams. This is a city that never sleeps and is packed with 24x7 action. With Mumbai Gullies you will get an experience of this city, it is spectacular and prominent, an action-packed storyline exploring 3 different eras of gameplay and exploring every nook and corner of Mumbai city as well as an open space is also.

Watch Mumbai Gullies Trailer Hindi - Open World Game By GameEon

Mumbai Gullies Trailer English - Open World Game By GameEon 


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