After questioning the privacy policy of the messaging app WhatsApp, many users are downloading Telegram and Signal app.

No WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal. SANDES will be new Messenger App

However, Indian government officials are relying on the native option 'SANDES' instead of these apps.

On Monday, the report said that SANDES is being tested with government officials.

Made in India Messaging App “SANDES”
Made in India Messaging App “SANDES”

Let me tell you, since last year, the government was working on an app with a feature like WhatsApp.

The report states that officials of some ministries have already started using the Government Instant Messaging System (GIMS).

The government admitted last year that a messaging service like WhatsApp was being prepared. Reports state that it may be named GIMS.

However, new reports have revealed that the messaging app is named Message instead of GIMS.

The new messaging service is named MESSAGE (SANDES).

There are three options for login, sign-in-LDAP, sign-in message OTP and message web on the home page.

Clicking on these three options opens a sign-in page, where one has to login with username and password or OTP.

There is no registration option here to create a new account.

On clicking all three log-in options, a message appears at the top of the sign-in page.

"This method of authentication is valid only for authorized government officials," the message said.

It is clear that the government does not want to rely on social media channels or other messaging apps for interaction between officials where there is scope for data leaks.

Currently, the new service is not available to all users.

SANDES App Support

The Sandesh app can be used on both Android and iOS platforms.

Like modern chatting apps, voice and data transfer can be done with its help.

The SANDES App is being handled by the National Informatics Center (NIC) within the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

NIC works in the back-end of IT services and some Digital India related programs of the Government of India.

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