Friends, today we will talk about an important subject. Friends, we all know how easy it is to install Amp in WordPress. But can we use AMP on Blogger? Yes, friends, you can also use AMP in Blogger. For this, you have to download the amp template which is Amp supported. 

Best 10 Amp blogger template 2021

Today we will learn about the Top 10 Amp Blogger Template, a completely free and very compatible template and with these templates, you can also follow the loading speed of your website.

Your post will change in ranking in Google and become super fast like WordPress if you do this template.

What is the AMP template? 

Friends, what you want to know about Amp is Amp’s Means, it is an instant mobile page, it is just undefined for mobile users. This is a new project, which if you have never done Amp, helps to run the website easily and fast from mobile. , Then you can check another site and see how fast it loads.

Today, everyone applies for their own website so that their blog/website can load faster and read detailed posts. There is no problem in making a friend, you must have understood what an amp is.

Check out the best amp blogger template for 2021,  see the new blogger template

Top 10 free AMP Blogger Template download 2021

Today, the blogger template I will talk about is a completely new Amp template blogger.

Infinite Blogger AMP template 

Infinite best Amp blogger template

Demo Template              Download template

  1. Full SEO optimization template
  2. Responsive 
  3. Mobile friendly 
  4. All social share button 
  5. Disqus Comments box 
  6. Dynamic Heading 
  7. Footer menu 
  8. Simple design 
  9. High CTR
  10. 2 column 
  11. Related post 
  12. Search bar 
  13. Subscription box 

Infinite JLB AMP Blogger Template 

Infinity AMP Blogger Template

You can download it absolutely free
  1. Mobile friendly 
  2. Seo friendly 
  3. Canonical address for Amp version 
  4. Fully Responsive
  5. Disqus Comments and Facebook comment 
  6. Superfast loading 
  7. Dynamic Heading
  8. High CTR
  9. Subscribe and Author box
  10. Social media 
  11. Table of contents 
  12.  Related post 
  13. Top Banner Ads 
  14. Simple design 

NoName AMP blogger Template 

Noname AMP Blogger Template

Demo Template.            Download template

  1.  Full SEO optimization template
  2. Mobile friendly 
  3. Fully Responsive
  4. Home page Custom post with Grid or list 
  5. Adsense Ads Available 
  6. High ctr
  7. Responsive Ads slot
  8. Fast loading 
  9. Social media Share button 
  10. Auto size fingernail image
  11. Disqus Comment prepared
  12. Sidebar Right
  13. Dynamic Heading

Siniladom AMP blogger Template 

Siniladom Best Free AMP Blogger Templates

Domo Template                Download template

  1. Seo friendly 
  2. Mobile friendly
  3. Responsive template
  4. Auto size fingernails image 
  5. Support sal/ HTTPS. Etc 

AMP NEWS  new Blogger Template 

AMPNEWS Best Free AMP Blogger Template
Demo Template           Download template

  1. Seo friendly 
  2. Mobile support 
  3. Disqul Comments support 
  4. Dropdown menu support 
  5. Navigation bar 
  6. Full Responsive etc 

Blanterde AMP blogger Template

Blanterde Best Free AMP Blogger Templates

  1. Mobile friendly 
  2. Simple look
  3. Meta tag SEO 
  4. Full optimization 
  5. Social share button 
  6. Navigation menu
  7. Disqus Comments and mobile-friendly 
  8. Sabse best template 

VLETTERS AMP Blogger Template

VLETTERS AMP Blogger Template

VLETTERS is a stylish and modern AMP powered blogger template. Its design is simple and beautiful. This template is SEO optimized, and you can use it easily in your blogger blog. It is highly customizable, and that's why I've kept it first on the list. 

MDCAMP AMP Blogger Template

MDCAMP AMP Blogger Template

MDCAMP is an excellent and light AMP powered Blogger template. It is SEO friendly, fast loading, and has DISQUS comment system inbuilt. It has two column layout so that you can use many widgets in sidebar and get more attention.  It has search and many other features which you can see in the live demo.

Kompi AMP Blogger Template

Kompi AMP Blogger Template

Kompi is a stylish AMP powered Blogger template. It has an excellent look, and it is highly customizable. It is very fast and SEO friendly. It is made on the Bootstrap framework, which is the most popular front-end framework.

Blanterde AMP Blogger Template

Blanterde AMP Blogger Template

Blanterde is a high-quality and beautiful AMP powered blogger template. It has a gorgeous two column layout which looks nice but also is very light. This template loads in few seconds and can improve your search rankings quickly!

AMPHTML Blogger Template

AMPHTML Blogger Template

AMPHTML is a highly customizable and responsive AMP powered blogger template. It has two column layout with a left-side navbar which looks pretty decent. It has a material design like card layout which looks stunning. It is very light and fast loading blogger template.

Betapress AMP Blogger Template

Betapress AMP Blogger Template
Betapress is a high-quality and responsive AMP Blogger template. It has many inbuilt widgets including search and social buttons which can be customized easily. This template is free to use, and you can use it in few seconds in your blogger blog.

TheAMP Blogger Template

THEAMP Blogger Template

TheAMP is the best AMP blogger template available right now. It has beautiful card layout and can be customized very easily. The sad thing is that this template is paid. It'll cost you 15.95$, but according to the price, it is excellent. If you have some money in your pocket, then I recommend you to buy this template.


BLOGAMP Blogger Template

BLOGAMP Blogger Template

BLOGAMP is a high-quality and responsive AMP powered blogger template. It is very light and very fast to load. It is free of cost so you can use this template right now in your blog. It has nice cards layout which makes it look beautiful.


Friends, who have told about Top 10 Amp Blogger Template 2019, can upload all this in Blogger, I am sure you will like this post, if you have any complaint, you can in the comment. I will help thank you, friend

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