Google is now going to discontinue free storage for its application Google Photos. Google photos are used by millions of users in the world. Starting next month, Google will now give you 15 GB of cloud storage free of charge, giving you the same space for all Google products. Now for more than 15 GB of space on Google, you have to subscribe to Google's Google One. In this, you will have to pay $ 19.99 for 100 GB of storage, which is about 1460 rupees in Indian currency.

Google Photos shut down
Google Photos shut down

In such a situation, if you want to protect your memory, then to save your old memories, you will have to download them and save them on your computer or laptop. In addition, Google has directly stated that photos and videos uploaded before June 1, 2021, will not be part of 15GB of storage, along with 15GB of free space from other Google products such as Gmail, Google Docs, Sheets. Can be divided between Drive and other Google services.

If your 15 GB free space is also about to run out, you will be notified by mail from Google. There is no need to panic even if your storage is exhausted, you can store your data by purchasing Google One or other cloud storage service. , After which you can save it to your local or any other cloud storage. If you are having trouble downloading all your Google Photos data, then we will tell you how you can easily protect your videos by downloading videos and photos from Google Photos.

For this, Google has created a special feature, Google Takeout is a feature with which you can export all your data to Google. All you have to do is

Follow these steps you will be able to export your data from takeout

  1. Go to and then log in to your Google account there.
  2. Then create Create a new export.
  3. Now you will see all your Google data in the list with Checkbox, here you will have to deselect other data lists other than google photos.
  4. by clicking on All photo album included, select all your albums or confirm it.
  5. After selecting the photos, they must have clicked on the step. The delivery method needs to be interlinked.
  6. Send download link via email link to select.
  7. you can download it. Like your email download 20 GB file 2 GB another download separately.
  8. When you click on the export action, you will display the results after your execution, such as redo or redo the scene.
  9. Once the report is ready, your mail will arrive.

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