If you are a blogger website where you share downloadable files, you can think of a way to encrypt your download link in such a way that the user remains open on another page in your blog before downloading. Here is a URL shortener Template or script for Blogger.Premium URL Shortener script for Blogger Free | Blogger URL shortener script

By doing this you will get traffic and earnings. That is why we are sharing True URL with you. Correct URL A Blogger URL is truncated or let's say it is encrypted. Download True URL Blogger URL Shortener for free from here.

Premium URL Shortener script for Blogger Free | URL Shortner Template for Blogger

True URL is a fast loading and SEO optimized Blogger URL encrypted template that will help you make more money from your download links.
Nowadays, many bloggers are using third-party services to shrink links or encrypt them in hopes of earning more money from downloads.

But most of these link shrinking services pay very little. You can watch and download thousands of times but not earn enough from them. So, what could be a better option for you? Creating sites that shrink or encrypt their own links that act like others (adf.ly, ouo.io, etc.).

This post focuses on how to create your own link shortener with Blogger and increase earnings. By using this method with your blogger blog, you will increase traffic and earn more than you earn from other link shortener services.

A domain name. Your Blogger blog needs to be on a custom domain name. Although you can still create without a CNAME, it will be more advantageous to have a custom domain name for easy monetisation.
The URL shortener script(code) for Blogger.
Basic HTML knowledge

How this URL shortener will come in handy

  • Increase traffic: With third-party link shorteners, your short or encrypted links go through the third-party site. But if you are having a link shortener all that traffic will come back to you.
  • Boost earnings: An increase in traffic will definitely result in an increment of your earnings.

Getting started

As we said earlier, you need to have a custom domain name for your Blogspot blog. And if your Blogspot website is already monetised, then you are good. Below are the steps to follow:
Create a subdomain for your blog.

Once you have a custom a Blogspot blog with a CNAME, you can create further subdomains for your existing domain name. Let's say your blog is www.example.com. You should then create a subdomain for this domain like out.example.com where all your external download links will be pointing to, to use for the link shortener site.
Once you've created your subdomain, you just need to link it to a new Blogspot blog. Alternatively, you can use it on a default Blogspot if you can't afford for a domain name

Uploading URL Shortener script

Once you have created your new Blogspot blog and pointed it to the subdomain of your domain name, you can now upload the URL shortener script or template and customise.

Note that even if you have your main site hosted on WordPress, you can still create a URL shortener with subdomain and host on Blogger free.

To upload the URL shortener script, proceed thus;
  1. Log in to your Blogger site
  2. Locate the blog on which you want to upload the template.
  3. Click on "theme" then "Edit HTML"
  4. Download URL shortener script from below, open and copy all content.
  5. On the HTML Editor in your Blogger dashboard, press CTRL + A to copy all content and then delete it.
  6. Now paste new code(the one you get from here)
  7. Save the template and there you go.


You can add Ads code directly from the layout. The title will auto what you've set as blog title as well as the Footer credit.

Template features

  • Responsive Design
  • SEO Friendly
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Professional HomePage
  • Social Icon
  • Wave Animation
  • Main Title/Description
  • Generate Box
  • Features Box
  • Footer Wrapper
  • Button Get Link
  • Button Go To Link
  • Timer
  • Crypto Js
  • And Much More


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