Hello blogger, hope you are doing well, today I will guide you through the easy steps to fix redirect from non-www to www in blogger. I got some ideas on how to redirect from non-www to www in blogger so I wrote this post for you. If you are also one of them who are facing this problem then read this post completely.

How to Redirect non-www to www in Blogger ? | Not www to www fix for Blogger

This is not a big problem, it will not affect your SEO, ranking but if someone types the URL without www, he will see an error that the site cannot be reached. Because we use the CNAME to connect to the blogger website, without disabling the www main domain it won't connect anywhere so the visitor gets an error.

How to redirect non-www to www in blogger?

Step 1. Login to your domain provider account

Step 2. Go to DNS Management

Step 3. Now add four A record which points to Google IP.

Step 5. After adding 4 A-Record, go to your Blogger Dashboard > Settings > Publishing

Step 6. Now enable redirect domain option in settings.

non www to www blogspot

What happened! Now your blog will open from non-www i.e. will redirect from non-www to www. You can check my domain if you enter https://10androidgame.blogspot.com you will also reach https://10androidgame.blogspot.com



Hope you have resolved your non-www redirect problem, if you are still facing this issue please read the post once again and check if you have made any mistake, if it remains So please comment on your problem, I will reply as soon as possible.

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