In this article, you get information about what is Simple app is and How to activate your Simple account?

What is Simpl App? | How do I activate my Simpl account?

Simpl is an app and website, using which you can Pay later avail online payment. But it is not available everywhere yet. To use it Simpl check your credit score online then you are given limit of money according to your credit.

What is Simpl App? | How do I activate my Simpl account?

How do I activate my Simpl account?

Simpl download and sign up to get instant account approval. Connect Simple with your favourite online merchant and utility companies. Tap on the simple button while shopping online. Your transaction will be sent to your Simpl account.

Some Simpl Pay Later supported platforms

  • Dunzo
  • Jio Mart
  • Zomato
  • Freshmenu
  • Licious
  • 1mg
  • Big basket
  • Rapido
  • Practo
  • Quickride

What happens if I don't pay Simpl?

If payment is not made by the due date, SIMPL may impose a late penalty of up to Rs. 250 + applicable taxes (GST). If you face any kind of problem, then you inform them about it, then they will stop the late penalty.

How does SIMPL earn money?

Simpl makes money from the merchants they are associated with. Merchants get the benefit of instant purchases from their customers through Simpl, which is why they will either pay a simple subscription fee or a percentage of the transaction amount. Actually, his model is something. This is my approach not sure about but it must be one of two.

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