This news is very important for the students who are taking information from online news websites for free tablets and smartphone schemes.

What will happen to first-year students?

The complete data of this scheme by the Government of Uttar Pradesh belongs to only those people who are already studying in the college.

Professor Rajendra Singh University Prayagraj students' session 2019 and 20 only data has been uploaded in the second phase and new news update will come after the first year students' data.

But some lists have also come to the fore in which the names of first-year students were also there, so it can be inferred that the name of first-year students did not appear in this list because new admissions are taking place and in the first year. The number of students is increasing continuously.

Free Tablet Smartphone Students Please Attention

It will be our advice to the students that do not make their phone number or information public on any unknown website and do not give your information anywhere in the form of online payment, google form, or others because by doing so you can become a victim of fraud.

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