The good news for PUBG mobile game players. This is because, after a long wait, the Indian version of the PUBG mobile game Battleground Mobile India Game is going to be launched next month. Of course, for the millions of fans of PUBG Mobile, this news is no less than a gift. Last year, many Chinese apps including PUBG were banned in India under Section 69A of the Indian Information Technology Act, then fans of the PUBG Mobile game were eagerly waiting for this game.

Good news for PUBG fans! Battlegrounds Mobile India launch date Leaked

Battleground Mobile India is currently on the Google Play Store and is currently open for users to register, with millions of people pre-registering for the game. People's enthusiasm towards this game is being seen. PubG Mobile maker Krafton has promised that the new Battleground Mobile India will be a better game than PubG Mobile.

Now popular sports athlete Abhijeet Ghatak Andhare said that the Indian version of PUBG Mobile Battleground Mobile India is likely to be released on the third week of June and possibly on June 18. However, the company that created the company, Crafton, is yet to receive an official statement. This game, about the launch date of this game.

Although the game was in dispute before the launch, a Congress MLA from Arunachal Pradesh had just changed the name to the possibility of the game being a Chinese company. He demanded from PM Narendra Modi that this game should be banned or else this game will send data and private information of Indian users to China.

Krafton has made it clear before the launch of the game that it is developing the game keeping in mind everything from the Indian government and that the data and personal information of Indian users will be stored in India itself.


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