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I had created this website to share some basic information about your daily drivers ( Internet and Computer) and the technology which matter the most in your life. 10androidgame,blogspot.com was launched on 22 June 2018.

Here you are going to find Android App development, mobile games reviews and technology blog on daily basis. Always remember oyeshayari.com when you have some douth on which smartphone you should buy? Which is the best budget smartphone? Which game should I play on my phone? What are the new technologies?



oyeshayari.com is the website that focuses on your daily drivers such as your smartphone, computer, and the technology that you use the most. We will always try to provide you with the most information tech that matters to you the most in your daily life. The aim of oyeshayari.com is to reach thousands of people over this year.

Here you will get all kinds of Android-related knowledge such as Android apps, Android phones, Android ROMs, custom ROMs, Android laptops, Tech news updates, etc.

New update, our website 10AndroidGame.blogspot.com  has been moved to oyeshayari.com