An important information has been provided by the RBI regarding the circulation of old notes of Rs 100, Rs 10 and Rs 5 notes. According to the Reserve Bank of India, all these old notes will go out of circulation after March-April. This information was given by B Mahesh, Assistant General Manager of Reserve Bank of India. In fact, RBI has informed that it is working on a plan to withdraw the series of these old notes.

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According to Reserve Bank of India Assistant General Manager B Mahesh, the old Rs 100, Rs 10 and Rs 5 notes will eventually go out of circulation, as the RBI plans to withdraw them by March-April. Actually, in lieu of old notes of 100 rupees, 10 rupees and 5 rupees, new notes have already come into vogue.

What will happen to the new 100 rupee notes

A new Rs 100 note was issued by the Reserve Bank of India in the year 2019. Indeed, as demonetisation, the 500 and 1000 notes were expected to be closed. Therefore, now the RBI does not want to abruptly discontinue any old note, so first a new note of that value was introduced in the market. The old note is being put out of circulation only after it has been fully introduced.

Statement given in this meeting

B Mahesh, Assistant General Manager of Reserve Bank of India, gave this information in the meeting of District Level Security Committee (DLSC) and District Level Currency Management Committee (DLMC) organized by District Lead Bank. This meeting was held at Netravati Hall.

What will happen to the 10 rupee coin

In fact, there are many rumors circulating in the market about 10 rupee coins that it is not valid. Coins that do not have a rupee symbol on them, many traders or small shopkeepers refused to take them. On this, the RBI says that this is a problem for the bank, so the bank periodically issues advice to avoid such rumors.

Old notes will be out of fashion like this

When the Reserve Bank of India issued 100 rupee notes in the year 2019, it was clear that "all previously issued 100 rupee notes will also continue as legal tender", besides demonetisation of the central bank on 8 November 2016. To. The 2,000 rupee note was followed by the addition of 2,000 rupees.

The RBI has denied reports claiming that the bank is contemplating withdrawal and circulation of old 100, 10 and 5 rupee notes after March-April this year. An RBI official said that there is no truth in such reports.

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