What things to see in the Battlegrounds Mobile India?  New details

PUBG Mobile was banned due to privacy and security. But Crafton has ensured that players' security, privacy, and their data are given special attention. This policy will be given more attention and emphasis for players under 18 years of age. In particular, Crafton has stated that players under the age of 18 will require parental consent. For the consent of the parents, these players have to give their parents or guardian's phone number. At the same time, minors can spend three hours a day playing this game. There is also an additional restriction on in-app purchases. It has been kept at Rs 7,000 per day, which can be called a major change from PUBG Mobile.

What things to see in the Battlegrounds Mobile India?  New details

See what's new in the Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Parental control has been given to minors, which is certainly a significant change. The battleground is about to change or change the visual content of Mobile India. There will also be a big change in the scenes where the blood is shown. The red colour will be replaced with green colour. It will definitely look strange while playing. But this step has been taken in view of the minor players. Players will also be fully prepared in the game, which is a big difference compared to PUBG Mobile. These two games may be similar in appearance, but the names of the maps given in them will be different.

What things to see in the Battlegrounds Mobile India?  New details

PUBG mobile player IDs and achievements will not be retained. In such a situation, players will have to start the game afresh. Battleground Mobile intends to establish itself as a separate game and is being established while curtailing its partnership with PubG Mobile. Pre-registrations for this game will begin on May 18. It can be launched in the first week of June. However, no official information has been given yet.

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