Now there may be trouble in the distribution of Free Smartphone Tablet? information received by the commission

Where the speed of corona is no longer taking the name of decreasing, in the same way, election campaigns are also being done with a lot of enthusiasm, omicron is growing very fast in India, many experts infected with a corona in every area of ​​Prayagraj. Now it will be at the peak soon, if the Government of India is to be believed, then this time the government has made very strong arrangements to fight the corona so that the corona can be stopped from growing more.

As people are desperate to know about the news of (UP Election 2022), in view of this, let us tell you by the Election Commission that the dates of elections have been announced in Uttar Pradesh. Elections are going to start in Uttar Pradesh from February 10 and these elections will be held in UP till March 7. The commission said that there will be seven phases of voting in Uttar Pradesh, after which the votes will be counted on March 10.

Meanwhile, with the announcement of the election dates, the Model Election Code has been implemented in Uttar Pradesh with immediate effect by the Chief Election Commissioner of the Election Commission, Sushil Chandra. The major responsibility of political parties for free elections in the state is also to follow the Model Code of Conduct.

Many restrictions are also included in the model code of conduct such as:-

Photos of PM, CM, ministers, political persons will be prohibited in government buildings.

Public inauguration by PM, CM, Minister, political persons, foundation stone closed.

Will not be able to advertise in print, electronic and other media containing the achievements of the government.

Now there will be no hoardings bearing the achievements of the government.

There will be no official tour in any respective constituency.

Sirens will not be able to be installed in government vehicles.

Acceptance of new works stopped.

And now the hoardings bearing the achievements of the government will also be removed.

In view of all these things, there may be trouble in the distribution of Smartphone Tablet but you do not need to worry because there may be a delay in distribution, because the announcement of the UP Free Smartphone-Tablet scheme by the CM Yogi government was implemented before the code of conduct was implemented. Therefore, it will not have any effect on this scheme, but the corona cases studied in the state can have an impact on it.

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