Hello, this time we will discuss Android studio SDK How to install and setup it.
Android Studio installation 2020

How to Download Android Studio?

Let's just open it browser to enter and download Android studio we are directly searching for Android studio downloads Well Here directly open out of the page appears on the search the very top itself, yes and this we can click I want to click the very top at least let the developer catch the ad because we click and we go to the download page then we just click download this Android studio So here is the Android studio friends download the condition, yes we read first from top to bottom until finished Of course not this time because we are wasting our time check but for you guys, like me, in addition to very often we ignore so we immediately click download Android Studio is here Well not yet friends, here I am using an internet download manager and we click start download here Okay my load speed is on the platform 55mb and maybe It should be 6 and about 2 minutes around 871 points 6 MB,

How to install Android Studio?

Now the download is complete we can you for a minute okay we can open the folder then we go directly to the installation, yes, actually. Yesterday I downloaded this Android studio Okay and Let's just double-click or Right-click opened administrator,

I'll just click then we enter the installation here is not complicated is like installing other software, only later there are some settings that we have to do okay well we just go up then we check this, it's the Android virtual device because we will need Yes it looks what I need here is how it actually looks and what exactly. Where did the installation page go OK then we installed it And this installation is not too long, but it's not bad if we skip it, let's speed it up more Hi okay, it's complete, so we're next again Then just check the Android start, right? Because we want to set-up right away this is our finish and start Okay here appears on the welcome page welcome the money for Android studio is we first configure it directly for Android virtual device, AVD Manager, we click This is then configured Manager lately okay Well, we've come out.

Android Virtual Device (AVD)

Android Virtual Device Manager tenandroid.co

We created virtual devices, so we created virtual devices which office was India Hi okay Now here are some choices, yes we can choose a TV phone where the OS tablet automotive because my needs develop so I choose even if the TV is ok are okay and the tablet has Nexus, Pixels or Automotive there Okay I select the font and then I select pixel 3 there's already a Playground here the screen 5.4 Nam 10840 DPI is pretty good, we will use this if I use it Three, okay? Okay, I'll use three then we click next OK then X again I want to this orientation is just a portrait of automatic already wanted to give the name of the accessory hi hi Okay tutorial and finish then he will be criticizing the Android virtual device OK already your virtual device is fully in later if you have it So or the reflector tutorial is already our revolution layout launches Save The emulator we click Now he is starting Android.
creating an android virtual device

Android Virtual Device Features Explain.

The emulator is running here do not we plus ya put it if we close it later so that the release also closes so we just minimally then adjust this for quite a while he set up it after this we will also set-up like you have a new debt you have to log in You have to, but there is a command to login We also check google.com then later The Android is already 11 or not If not or we need to update or not like that we wait for him to launch like Hi so the pixel is starting We wait until he stands by Okay So here's how it looks From our Android this is like buying a new Smartphone.

The smartphone screen is big, let's go to Cuy's settings we check first about emulated devices here, OK x86 Heart on mobile Android version 11 so let's check it out The system then checks whether we are successful Hi what are we there is an update or not the Android.

Now we are set-up the cellphone by starting to enter account we preparing for sleep now there are preparing for set-up so we wait a while from him to finish first huh Hi there is the definition of the update system Hi still set up a machine here, yes, the Android too, so we wait until it's finished then we'll try to log into the Google account we enter if setting we can do it now or not Try now without an account later edit account we add to Google Okay adverb checking info earlier it's still fair, so we just force it what can we do or not see the menu on the right side of this cuy Oh battery cell location display This camera is a virtual camera, so you can set an image that you want to appear on that camera what if you can browse here Hi use pictures because it doesn't connect with the camera so this is the virtual hon this is also the number Okay then Directional pad Okay microphone here Walk us so that virtual sensor Ride this bother book if there is powder snapshoot Well snapshot this tripod and playback we can record this screen then Google Play then Google Play us check if he needs an update or not, we login first to the easy settings here we can choose yes the emulator is cm, i.e. Dark or Oh Live like that and then this screenshot if we want to take screenshots using that this is what this camera picture is and where the pet keeps it, save the location, we can set it here, I use it just picture it later Keyboard Shortcuts remote control Yes, this is all I changed on this setting still default and the power of button Hi here Here we pre-empt the power emulator button here speaker yes then we want to flip the rotation made this screenshot earlier Um zoom in Okay and this seems like he wants to wait for an update.

Yes Done earlier Come on we just wait until he is ready to tweet earlier maybe need ap settings huh I'll speed it up Hi oh it's already entered, apparently it didn't turn out so it didn't turn out OK Just jump in I want to log in with in my account Oh this is ok the virtual SD card but setup Let me try this Seta Blue, let's just log in first Hi Now we've logged in to the Google Om account and then we checked earlier That SC code chief for portable storage for transferring media files to make devices Controller at sea Let's use portable storage you can move mountains with Okay and hi hi but that's how our Android looks playing acre fishermen can get pixel like that Hahaha can be pixel 3 on PC with then Google Playstore is already done okay but again if you guys looking for an emulator to play the game means this is not what you use so this is usually for those who developer for application testing or programming yes, then also for your friends who want to make tutorials with a clean, interesting review, you can use this, but for I think playing games doesn't seem too heavy and too it also doesn't look like an emulator that is designed to play games.

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